The Midnight Blue Saga continues…

Few in the nation realize how close the United States had come to losing their most precious treasures. Now, only two years later, CIA Deputy Director Peter Winter works with FBI Agent Marshall Edwards and NSA Chief Coangelo in an effort to keep the country safe against foreign powers.

Even with all the proof of what they know is about to happen Peter and Marshall feel powerless to stop it. For them, it all boils down to the question of not if, but when the attack will happen. Will they gather enough intel to be able to stop what’s heading America’s way?

**** REVIEWS ****

"In this suspense-filled second volume of her Midnight Blue trilogy, Jay Brenner continues the fast-paced, rollercoaster ride into the plot by people who are bent on destroying America. In the first of this trilogy, Sam Haley and Amanda Kline, two savvy programmers, uncover the infiltration of the national security code, and risk their lives to report it to people in authority. In the cliffhanging chapters leading to the conclusion of Clues & Such, the reader is introduced to many highly technical tools, including methods in stealth, used by authorities in their attempt to uncover the continuing plot by America’s enemies in order to thwart the success of another attack. Timely and highly plausible, Clues and Such will keep you engaged, on the edge of your chair, and breathless, as you await the final installment." Carolyn Kittle

"Wow, what a cliff-hanger ending. I did not see that coming. It kept my interest and now I can't wait to read what you have in store for us with the next book. The story moved right along and kept one really reading to find out what was happening next. Enjoyed it." Lee Selden

"Clues and Such is written in an intriguing way. It is easy to follow and holds the reader’s attention throughout the book. The ending is both surprisingly sudden and shocking causing the reader to want book number three in the trilogy immediately. Love the printed edition." Janet Cooper

“Looking for a book to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish? A book for which the phrase ‘dragging on and on’ has no meaning? Well, look no further! And, even better, when you get the entire Midnight Blue trilogy, you get three books of fast-moving action. Love, love, loved the books!” Constance Nipper, Author

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