And... There Was No Justice
The Saga Comes to an End - or Does It?

After the last West Coastal attacks, governors had been working hard piecing back together what remained of their states. Unfortunately, this had been only the second wave of what was yet to come for America. What her enemies had in store for her next would make the previous attacks look like child’s play.

Years of Diplomacy had done nothing except give America’s enemies more time to plan and regroup. The nation had underestimated how unwavering their enemy was in their efforts to destroy America and everything she stood for.

Determined to uphold the constitution, rogue joint forces of the American military and what was left of homeland security were struggling to stop the upcoming wave of attacks. The survival of the nation would depend on their success and the untested experimental weapons not yet congressionally approved for use. Hard choices for what was to come.

**** REVIEWS ****

"Kudos on another page turner. How do you do that?” Carolyn Kittle

"I found from the very first book in the trilogy, that the story very quickly grabs your attention and propels you on a journey of suspense and terrorism along with a touch of romance. By the second and third book, although you are in the midst of so much terrorism, you still see the good in the people that were preparing to preserve our country and the values of what America believes. I could very much see this Trilogy made into a very successful movie keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. It has the same feeling as the Bourne film series. What a great mystery!" Lee Selden

You amazed me as I enjoyed your weaving of these plots. Didn’t want to put down, but had to discipline time reading." Jacquelyn Meadows

“Looking for a book to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish? A book for which the phrase ‘dragging on and on’ has no meaning? Well, look no further! And, even better, when you get the entire Midnight Blue trilogy, you get three books of fast-moving action. Love, love, loved the books!” Constance Nipper, Author

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