Amanda Kline had it all. A PhD from MIT, and a high paying job with one of the top communications companies in Metro DC. She was climbing the corporate ladder fast. Career building was her priority, so she quickly shrugged off the hurt when her old friend, Sam, walked out of her life without so much as a goodbye. Then, out of the blue, he walks back in and turns her world upside down. Now, both are running for their lives and won’t be able to stop until they find someone to help them prevent what was fast becoming a living nightmare. --- In a little backwoods country town; they found that help. Old Doc Winters. Amanda took a leap of faith and told him what they thought was about to unfold. The leap paid off. Old Doc knew just the right person to help them. His nephew, CIA Deputy Director, Peter Winters. But… could they convince him they were telling the truth, or would he write them off as being a couple of crackpots?

**** REVIEWS ****

"Jay Brenner has created a multi-faced espionage thriller with suspense, mystery and a very relatable heroine. The story has a lot of characters and multiple points of view. I particularly appreciated how the heroine Amanda’s inner thoughts gave away her very human vulnerability mixed with strength. Amanda’s encounters with the more nasty and bureaucratic characters came off as particularly realistic. Anyone who has worked in these types of environments will appreciate some of the things Amanda encounters in her job. There’s plenty of adventure in this story, and it builds up slowly. The hero Sam is an interesting mix of strength, honor and vulnerability as well, and the bond he has with Amanda develops nicely over the story even though they had a previous relationship. I could see this ambitious story being made into a movie—it has a huge feel to it. The political intrigue is complex and also multi-faceted. Maybe, if we’re very lucky, we’ll get to see Amanda and Sam again." Best Selling Arthur, Denise Agnew

"As an editor, it’s almost impossible for me to simply sit down and enjoy a book nowadays. It takes a very special story for me to want to read it to the conclusion. Midnight Blue did that for me. It got my attention right from the first word, and transported me into the world of espionage. I couldn’t read it fast enough, yet was sorry to see the end. With just the right hint of romance, thrilling chases, and more than a fair share of bad guys, this story has just the right blend of tense moments and tender ones. Well written, and an excellent plot, this is recommended reading for anyone who actually still enjoys a good book." P. Adams-Wagner

"I couldn't put it down!" Joan Kittleburger

“Your characters were well developed and visually real as I read. I always visualize characters' attitudes, looks, and speech when I read; sometimes, I make the books scarier than the films based on the books. Enjoyed the book” Lucille Warnick

"Midnight Blue is captivating, suspensive thriller from start to finish. As each character reveals their role within the ever growing plot, the reader is pulled into their world of terrorism and complex web of twists and turns. A novel to be added to your 'must read' list." Stephany Evans

"This is the first in a suspense trilogy by Jay Brenner involving national security and intrigue. The author weaves a realistic plot by a foreign government to take over America through a highly organized and carefully orchestrated plan to be carried out by its citizens who have already infiltrated the education system. It is a particularly insidious and sinister in its scope. Two young programmers for a communications company under contract by the NSA uncover this incredible scheme. Sam Haley was fired after he discovered a code change in the nation's security response system. Follow Sam and his friend MIT PhD Amanda Kline, as they go in search of people who will believe them and help avert the simultaneous mass murder of America's greatest treasure, its youth. Kudos to Jay Brenner for creating this page turner!" Carolyn Kittle

"The plot is truly chilling….terrorism, intrigue, national security and politics…fast-paced, an easy read yet captivating with a cast of intermeshing characters. For being a newly published author, Midnight Blue by Jay Brenner was surprisingly good! It kept me looking for the next chapter to see how the terrorists were going to deliver their nefarious payload. I can't wait to see Jay's next book. Her style reminds me of Tom Clancy. Federal Agencies, intrigue, terrorism thwarted, and the good guys winning make a good book! I hope that Jay is able to make a good run of it." Debra K. Manley

"Midnight blue is an exciting well researched tale, and although fiction, could become reality to all of our peril. The author has considerable experience in an area of technology that can be as lethal and as unseen as bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses were once unknown, unseen killers of millions. Technology has forms and uses that are just as unseen to most, especially for my generation, and can create harm as well as benefit to mankind. Midnight Blue is a learning experience which comes along with the enjoyment of reading a thriller. Unlike learning in school, there will be no exam and hopefully no need for one. You will be entertained and wiser about technology and the world if you read Midnight Blue." George Frost

"This story brings a trail of codes into the computer age. A believable mystery with a touch of romance." Karen Rockey

"Midnight Blue pulls you into the story within the first couple of pages and it is indeed a page turner to find out what has caused Sam to walk out and then come back into her life again. The twists and turns of how the mystery unfolds reminds me of different movies I have seen, and I could see this being a very good movie. It is a great mystery that keeps you going and once you finish the book, you can't wait for what is to come next. It is a very well written book." Lee Selden

"This is a story that has its foundations in current events and information and reporting that can be found on multiple websites and media headlines and feature stories. To slightly paraphrase the introduction to a recent documentary, 'This story is based upon actual events; they just haven't happened yet'. Amanda and Sam who are involved in a 'complex' relationship discover an evil and sinister plot concocted by enemies of the United States of America, those enemies both foreign and domestic. Can Amanda and Sam convince multiple governmental alphabet agencies that the plot is real and credible, that the information that they have gathered is 'actionable', and can sufficient resources be put into place quickly enough to eliminate the 'clear and present danger'. Combining rural Americana with global and geopolitical action this is a fast paced, with all of the necessary twists and turns, action, adventure, mystery read. I think that you will enjoy it as I did and I am sure that you will want to get book two in the series as quickly as you can." Steve Cockrum

"You amazed me as I enjoyed your weaving of these plots in the trilogy. Didn’t want to put down, but had to discipline time reading." Jacquelyn Meadows

“Looking for a book to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish? A book for which the phrase ‘dragging on and on’ has no meaning? Well, look no further! And, even better, when you get the entire Midnight Blue trilogy, you get three books of fast-moving action. Love, love, loved the books!” Constance Nipper, Author

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