When it came to the struggles of friendships, financial hardships, and duplicities, Tularosa Basin families faced more than their fair share of challenges. Although the Watson, Brown and Callahan families had been blessed with ranches that had been in their families for decades, they’d lived through their share of good and a lion’s share of bad times.
- - - 
Shelly Anne Brown, Gerald Watson’s granddaughter, knew exactly what she wanted out of life until diverging experiences and events came along to confound her. When she was only seven, her grandfather took her high above the White Sands for a quick tethered flight in his hot air balloon. That was the day she made a promise to herself that when she grew up she would follow her grandfather’s footsteps. She would make him proud. Somehow, someday, she would learn to fly his balloon.

As her twenty-first birthday approached, Shelly thought it was time to make her first public solo flight, and registered for the White Sands Balloon Invitational. Little did she know this adventure would entail more than hot air and lofty heights. Drifting over the White Sands, the shifting dunes gave up a long hidden secret. Now all she had to do was convince her best friend, Trevor Calloway what she saw was far more than shadows dancing on the sands.

***** REVIEWS *****

"Quite an impressive story line. Caught me off guard. Really liked your story and I truly think they could make a Hallmark Mystery movie out of it!" Patty Shaw

"Jay Brenner's best book yet!! The suspense and storyline will keep the reader captivated. A great "who dunnit" that keeps you on the edge as the story unfolds!" SFC (Ret) Stacey A. Love

“I felt like I knew the family and struggled with them in their trials...It was almost like I was physically there. I was caught totally off guard by the ending!” Sherry Crosson

“What an astounding climax to Shelly’s Flight. Reminiscent of a Mary Higgins Clark’s book. What a gift you have.” Jacquelyn Meadors

“Opening this book with the hope of reading myself to sleep found me awake six hours later having completed this page turning ‘who dunnit’. The author has so richly described the setting that this tale may truly take me to that remarkable place in New Mexico.” Karen Rockey, Ret. Court Officer

"Thoroughly enjoyed my reading and impressed with Jay's writing talent. The character and story development had great attention to detail and the plot was intriguing with its surprise ending." Paula Taylor

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